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Passive income for 35 years? With us you have it within your reach! Money grows on trees here...

The only multi-level Project that Creates Real Passive Income!

Just buy the product package once at any price (from $20 and up) and then you don't have to lift a finger...

And for up to several decades!


Yes, press the button and join the My Trees global project, officially launched in 2018. Plant fast-growing trees with us at our El Morichal farm in Vichada, Colombia, and secure your passive income for at least 35 years. Money grows on trees here!

and meet Karbík!

Meet the new mascot Karbík of our My Trees project, who was born in 2023 and will be your guide in building your passive income by producing carbon credits. The Karbík helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. However, the Karbík will leave a significant mark on your bank account and relieve you of the worry of how to secure your old age pension...

I want to get to know Karbík

and his friends

With Karbík, you don't have to worry about the future

and you will secure yourself financially for old age!

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