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Join the global project My Trees | PERNICA.BIZ | “Plant a Tree and Pass It on…“

Ecological business MY TREES Unique opportunity

We plant organically grown trees on MY TREES forest plantations in South America, Vichada, Colombia

We have started the generation of carbon credits
My Trees / Karbík logo - symbol of our new business strategy focused on generating carbon credits
One of the largest carbon-free projects in Central Europe!

Join us! My Trees / the official logo of the My Trees global project My Trees / the official logo of the My Trees Foundation Join us!
My Trees / Karbík logo - symbol of our new business strategy focused on generating carbon credits
We offset the carbon footprint for companies and individuals
PERNICA.BIZ – MY TREES project partner / Unique opportunity for nature lovers, investors and entrepreneurs / Create an investment account
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Welcome to the unique global eco-business project My Trees!

Looking for protection from high inflation? Deposit money on fast-growing trees starting at $20 for 1 piece!
Proyecto My Trees en español My Trees проект на русском языке Projekt My Trees v češtině
PERNICA.BIZ – partner of MY TREES project
I'm human. Normal person. One of many billions on this planet.
Satisfied pensioner and future rentier Future rentier in My Trees project I like life, people, nature...

I sometimes travel around Europe and take photos, I observe the all life.

Three years ago, people from the MY TREES community
offered me 1 eucalyptus seedling. For a good price of $20.
I have never bought or planted a tree in my life.
Probably like most of you...

I am not an environmental activist, but I am not completely
indifferent to the fate of the environment.

 People from the left: Zdenek Pernica, partner of My Trees / PERNICA.BIZ 
Beata Pilná, Chairman of the Board, DEGIRANS SE, wife of Jaroslav Pilný
Jaroslav Pilný, founder of the My Trees project, husband of Beata Pilná
and Vladka Anderson, CEO Perfect Network, Inc.
Joint photo from a meeting with the founders of the My Trees project in Brno. Pictured from left: Zdenek Pernica, partner of My Trees / PERNICA.BIZ, Beata Pilná, Chairman of the Board, DEGIRANS SE, wife of Jaroslav Pilný and founder of the My Trees Foundation, Jaroslav Pilný, founder of the My Trees project, husband of Beata Pilná, and Vladka Anderson, CEO of Perfect Network, Inc.
Zdenek Pernica Brno (Czechia)Welcome to Brno (Czech Republic/Czechia) - Instagram/stories & photos I travel around EuropeRelaxed traveling around Europe - Instagram/stories & photos I rest in Tsarevo (Bulgaria)Welcome to Bulgarian Tsarevo! - Instagram/stories & photos
I took the first step,
and bought
MyTrees Starter.
After 3 days
I bought another
MyTrees 100
And Pass It on.
Maybe just you...
My Trees profile + photo. Zdenek Pernica
Are you big
real estate broker,
who wonders
where to invest?
We offer
My Land & MyTrees
15000 package
with 10% investment
appreciation per year
My Trees 15000 (investment package). $15,000 / 930 trees. Buy
My Trees orders /Invoice - a total of 720 USD. Paid wire transfer.
From 2023, you can buy a 30-hectare plot of land for construction of your own farm

or become a co-owner of the land and a shareholder of the company Degirans SE
My Trees Global project – QR code / Registration and login / Zdenek Pernica / PERNICA.BIZ / Czech Republic / Czechia / Europe
Do you know that MY TREES is involved in reducing CO2 emissions? We produce carbon credits!
Be partner of the project My Trees - Plant your first tree and become money with us! Create your My Trees account here.

How did the My Trees project come about? Look at the story of the founders Beata & Jaroslav JOIN US
Choose an investment My Trees package / Buy trees & land in Colombia. My Trees1 / $20 / 1 tree. My Trees 100/ $100 / 6 trees. My Trees 500/ $500 / 31 trees. My Trees 1500/ $1500 / 93 trees. My Trees 3000/ $3000 / 187 trees. My Trees 9000/ $9000 / 562 trees
General Terms and Conditions

I bought 1 eucalyptus (Eucalyptus pellita) in South America in the State of Colombia,

and I had a nice feeling about it.

The third day, when I've been thinking about our green project moto “Plant a Tree and Pass It on“,

I bought the MyTrees 100 package and I became 7 trees investor worth $140,

and at the same time the owner of almost half of 1 carbon credit.

In three months, I invested a total of 44 trees that generate more than 2 carbon credits

and with a clear conscience I pass the idea on! The idea that if I get for MY TREES project

a thousand nature lovers who buys, for example, 32 trees (My Trees 1 + My Trees 500),

I deserve about good part of the eucalyptus forest and reducing greenhouse gas emissions on our planet!

And it will be more than a nice feeling!

Karbík - Our new 2023 mascot. Need to erase your carbon footprint? Our Karbík is here for you... 20 of our trees = 1 carbon credit (CC). Do you know that the current price (5/17/2023) of one carbon credit on the American market (California) is $51.92? Come with us to erase your carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and earn interesting money at the same time.

And also some extra money from selling carbon credits on the stock exchange...

One eucalyptus absorbs and stores carbon dioxide (CO2)

in the amount of 49 kg per year from the third year after planting.

Twenty of our eucalyptus trees can therefore absorb almost 1 ton of CO2 for the whole year.

This means that 20 eucalyptus trees = 1 carbon credit.

Our trees in Vichada now absorb almost 3.3 million tons of CO2!

The current price for 1 carbon credit is approx. $12-$16, at the end of 2023

it is expected to increase to $20.

In the past, the price for 1 carbon credit even went up to $100!

QR code to join the My Trees project and Zdenek Pernica / PERNICA.BIZ - Team leader My Trees Global. We have started production of carbon credits.

Will you help me & join me? Will we plant a large forest together & do we become rentiers?

We can plant trees physically at home, through MY TREES even in faraway Colombia!

Find your partner-sponsor in the My Trees Global project!

My Trees Global is a business community with nearly 8,500 members from 76 countries,

which was officially established on 22 April 2020 and it's up to you,

who you choose as the closest partner in your eco-business.
My Trees Global project – Hi, I am Zdenek Pernica from Czech Republic / Czechia. Will you join me and me work together? Plant your first Eucalyptus pellita in Colombia. PERNICA.BIZ – partner of MY TREES Global project PERNICA.BIZ – My Trees Foundation
Invest together with us to arbitrary MY TREES package in fast-growing trees

in South American state of Colombia and pass on this story!

For detailed info related to investing and registration, write, please, to email:
For a serious partner, I offer a gift - a starter package worth $20 + 1 eucalyptus.
The Czech company Degirans SE and American Perfect Network, Inc., are behind the MY TREES project.
CzechTrade – the Government trade promotion agency of the Czech Republic – is an intensive support
in the search for new suitable plots of land abroad.

Our four-year balance at the El Morichal farm

or What we were able to grow on our tree plantations in Vichada in 2019-2022

In 2019, the seven top sellers in MY TREES

won a trip to Colombia and visited El Morichal in person
Sign up and learn, work, build relationships, business network, have fun and you will be rewarded too!

The next trip will be in Autumn 2023!
Even you can participate in the competitio this year and to win this trip.
Look our fast-growing trees MY TREES if you meet the competition qualification.

The details can be found in your virtual officeI want to participate in another trip

Did you know that the new Colombian national highway will run around the lands of My Trees

in the Vichada department in the part of the country called Orinoquía?

The road to our farm El Morichal will be more accessible

and the price of the purchased land will increase.

My Trees project. Editing maps Colombia and Vichada Department characterized the newly built highway from PERNICA.BIZ - Zdeněk Pernica. The construction of the national highway between Buanaventura and Puerto Carreño will increase the potential of Colombian agriculture by up to 4 million hectares of land. This encourages us to continue to work for the development of the Vichada region and its forestry industry, which we believe will become one of the most important sectors of the Colombian economy.
This strategic project was approved by the Colombian government in mid-July 2020. The new 1490 km (930 miles) highway
will economically and socially strengthen the region and enable faster and cheaper transport of crops and goods
from the area to final markets.

Three Colombian companies

that have long been involved in the purchase of land, cultivation of land on originally barren and untouched savannas and planting
of fast-growing trees, with which My Trees, represented by the company Degirans SE and Perfect Network, Inc, cooperates.
Take a small excursion into the history and present of individual companies...
Colombian Timber/forestry investments – Colombian company (part of the Gutierrez Group) in Medellin - Antioquia involved in the project MY TREES / PERNICA.BIZ Gutierrez Group Boutique Multi-Family office – Colombian company in Medellin - Antioquia involved in the project MY TREES / PERNICA.BIZ InverBosques/Gerencia de Proyectos Forestales – Colombian company in Medellin - Antioquia (and Puerto Carreño - Vichada) involved in the project MY TREES / PERNICA.BIZ

Don't know the current political and economic facts about Colombia? See at the English Wikipedia ↓↓↓
Visiting the office
of Mrs Natalia Quevedo
forest projects
of InverBosques

  My Trees 15000 (investment package). $15,000 / 930 trees. Buy
Welcome to Colombia - Register at My Trees and invest money in fast-growing trees and land in El Morichal, Colombia, in the Vichada region!
My Trees Partners from Colombia / More info in My Trees playlist My Trees project videos on Pernicaland
Don't know where to go with the money?MY TREES Invest money in global project!
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