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Join the global project My Trees | PERNICA.BIZ | “Plant a Tree and Pass It on…“

Business My Trees Global World Opportunity

We plant organically grown trees on MY TREES forest plantations in South America, Vichada, Colombia

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Zdenek Pernica - PERNICA.BIZ - Team Leader of International Business Network

MY TREES Global World project

is a business and investment community with nearly 8,200 members from 76 countries,

which was officially established on 22 April 2020 and it's up to you,

who you choose as the closest partner in your eco-business.

All my direct partners in the My Trees Global World project

who have joined business network JOIN in too!

MY TREES Global project and Eco-Business. Farm El Morichal, Vichada, Colombia. We plant this fast-growing trees - Eucalyptus, Acaccia, Cashew. Zdenek Pernica/PERNICA.BIZ is partner of the My Trees project. Join us!

For detailed info related to investing and registration, you can write to email:

My Trees Global project – Hi, I am Zdenek Pernica from Czech Republic / Czechia. Will you join me and me work together? Plant your first Eucalyptus pellita in Colombia. PERNICA.BIZ – partner of MY TREES Global project PERNICA.BIZ – My Trees Foundation

If you want to make a financial contribution of any amount to My Trees Foundation, you can do so HERE

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